Composite Bonding Autoclave Systems

From Lab Prototype models to full-scale production systems to aircraft and other large capacity applications

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To meet the demands of the composite bonding industry, WSF manufactures autoclave systems ranging in sizes from laboratory testing models to our full-scale production RapidBonder™ models. Each WSF system is designed around your specific bonding or curing specifications.

Product Information

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In addition to bonding advanced composites, WSF autoclaves are used for bonded honeycomb parts, metal-to-metal bonding and glass laminating. Industries such as aircraft, aerospace, automotive, sporting goods and others use autoclave-bonded composites to achieve outstanding strength, light weight and superior resistance to environmental attack.

Features of a WSF Composite Bonding Autoclave System include:

  • ASME Code construction
  • RAPIDOOR® quick-actuating door closure for faster load/unload cycles, higher production yields
  • Variable controlled pressure and temperature levels
  • Programmable heating, cooling, and pressure rates
  • Variable electric heat control, available in single- or multi-zone configurations
  • Controlled circulated water cooling
  • Variable speed internal fans providing precision controlled air circulation, lower starting currents, reduced operating costs
  • Complete packaged control systems, PLC controlled with variable temperatures, pressures, cycle times and alarms, multiple cycle recipe storage and selection.
  • Operator interface/HMI - with touch screen, for cycle parameter entry, cycle/system/alarm status monitoring, operating and diagnostic messages.
  • Documentation packages available including: Paperless Recording with easily customized screens, user messages, cycle replay and zoom features, locally stored data can be exported to removeable media, remote data acquisition/storage capability, Circular or Strip-Chart Recorders also available.
  • Integration with existing SCADA and data acquisition systems, or WSF can supply data acquisition packages to meet your specific requirements