Dewaxing Autoclave Systems

Factory-piped, wired, and instrumented for on-site installation convenience.

WSF Dewaxing Autoclaves, in support of the investment casting industry, assure uniform ceramic shell heating for complete process mold dewaxing. Manufactured to meet virtually any production specification, our Autoclave Systems may be skid mounted, thus becoming completely integrated equipment packages...

Product Information

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Features of a WSF Dewaxing Autoclave System

Individual component features include:


Designs are sized to hold ceramic shell load & range from pilot to large production systems. Our time-proven, standard-configured models can be modified to specific requirements.


Quick-opening closure allows fast and easy access for ceramic shell loading and unloading.

Heated Autoclave Shell

Externally heated, insulated autoclave shell minimizes energy consumption and condensate accumulation.


Wet accumulator design allows Autoclave pressure setpoints to be attained and maintained while minimizing steam generating system horsepower requirements.

Steam Delivery System

Control valves allow critical pressure setpoints to be achieved in required time.

Venting System

Open/close, staged venting, or controlled venting (depressurization versus time) systems can be provided to meet specific requirements.

Control System Options

WSF custom-designed systems can provide the level of sophistication that your application requires. Our complete packages range from PLC controlled systems to simple microprocessor based time-controlled systems.

Steam Generating System

Powered by natural gas, propane, fuel oil, or electric. Features can be fully customized to meet chemical and water feed, blow-down, and condensate recovery system requirements.