Hydrostatic Test Systems

Hydrostatic Test & High Pressure Autoclaving Systems

For undersea pressure testing, WSF offers

Hydrostatic Test Systems Simulating Various Ocean Depths

WSF Hydrostatic Test Systems make undersea pressure conditions readily accessible for a great number of applications including:

  • Oceanographic research projects
  • Materials evaluation
  • Deep-sea instrument performance checks
  • Pressure-testing undersea hardware parts and assemblies

Product Information

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All key components, including the pressure vessels are designed and manufactured at our facility. This allows us to custom-build units economically to your exact specifications. Our systems include numerous innovations developed by WSF with a proven performance history spanning many years. Our unique RAPIDOOR ®quick access closure for opening and closing the pressure chamber in a matter of seconds is standard on most units. Many WSF Hydrostatic Test Systems also incorporate our economical RapidLoader™ design. This configuration permits fast exterior loading and unloading without the need for a pit, bridge, or external product cart.

Control System Package Options

WSF designs and manufactures Hydrostatic and High Pressure Test Systems - including the vessels - at our own plant. System packages include all necessary pumps, valves, gauges, instrumentation and piping.

Control options range from completely automated, microprocessor based controls to manual selector switch operated systems. Our engineering staff has designed control systems using most major PLC and Human Machine Interface brands including: Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Omron, and Pro-Face.

High Pressure Autoclave Systems

Innovative seal designs, by WSF have achieved pressures exceeding 5000 psig on large diameter vessels. Our quick-access door closure mechanisms have been adapted to various configurations according to our customer's requirements.

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  • High Temperature Vessel, with Split-Ring Quick-Access Closure Mechanism, 5000 psig design pressure, automated PLC controls