Material Handling and Conveyor Systems

In support of Autoclaving, WSF has engineered and manufactured Material Handling, Conveyor, and Transport equipment to integrate with a wide range of production and storage systems. As an Autoclave integration specialist, WSF can provide all the necessary components to load, unload, and integrate Autoclaves with in-plant or remote handling systems.

Product Information

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Since the applications for Autoclaves is virtually unlimited, material handling requirements can vary from manual loading equipment to completely automated systems. WSF Material Handling Equipment can include as many features as your application requires.

  • Motor Drives - polyphase, DC, Servo
  • Variable Speed Drives and controls
  • Speed Reduction components
  • Hydraulic drives, actuators, cylinders
  • Pneumatic clamping, indexing
  • PLC controlled positioning and sensing
  • Encoders, speed, load sensing
  • Safety devices, light curtains, photo-detectors
  • Part Batch, Lot number identification
  • Manual hardware - including carts, material movers, conveyors, rails

Advantages of a Material Handling System manufactured by WSF

  • Single source responsibility - reduces customer's purchasing, engineering, and installation time while correctly integrating Autoclave door and material handling equipment
  • Reduced Installation Cost - prevents costly re-work during installation by designing, manufacturing, and testing the complete system at our site
  • Fewer Components - material handling controls can typically be added to the Autoclave control system reducing overall complexity, improving system reliability, and lowering overall cost
  • Complete Support - our experienced sales, engineering, and field service staff can provide the best support for installing, operating, and maintaining a complete Autoclave and Material Handling system

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