WSF Industries, Inc.

WSF Autoclaves aren't just Autoclaves... They're also:

    • Dewaxers
    • Vulcanizers
    • Heaters
    • Hydroclaves
    • Bonding Autoclaves
    • Impregnators
    • Sterilizers
    • Simulators
    • Retorts
    • Cookers
    • Pressure Vessels
    • Fiber Setters
    • Hyperbaric Chambers
    • Curers
    • Leaching Autoclaves

WSF News

VPI Tank has 10 ft inner diameter and working depth

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  • Leaching System

    Cleaning, Leaching
    High Temperature, Pressure Caustic Jet Turbine Blade cleaning, & Core Removal

  • Dewaxing Package

    Dewaxing Systems
    Wax Removal & Reclaiming Systems for the Investment Casting Industry

  • Oven Systems

    Ovens, Heating,
    Vacuum, Pressure, Multi-Zone Heat controlled Autoclaves for Drying, Curing, Nuclear applications

  • Vulcanizing Systems

    Vulcanizing, Rubber,
    Automotive, Electrical, Medical, manufacturers requiring high-capacity production Autoclaves

  • Horizontal Composite Bonding System

    Composite Bonding,
    Aircraft, Aerospace, Automotive, and Sporting Goods Industries

  • Handling System
    Handling Equipment

    Handling Equipment
    Conveyors and Material Handling Equipment fully integrated with the Autoclave Door and control system

  • Sterilizing

    Sterilizing, Test Labs,
    Autoclave Sterilizers, Rotary, Static, Pilot Testing Equipment for the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food Industry

  • Containment

    Storage Transportation, Storage, Removal of Hazardous Chemicals, Toxic Materials

  • Hydrostatic Testing

    Hydrostatic Testing
    High Pressure Testing for Oceanographic, Aerospace, & Research Facilities

  • VPI Systems
    VPI Systems

    VPI Systems,
    Motor, Transformer Manufacturers, Metallurgy, Wood Treatment, Motor Repair