WSF SmartClave®

WSF Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce our new SmartClave® technology now supplied across all of our Autoclave control system platforms. SmartClave® is a completely scalable technology, from simple Autoclave Door Closure controls to fully automated process control and material handling systems. SmartClave® technology integrates a Programmable Logic Controller and touch-screen display with an intuitive messaging system to assist operators, maintenance, and supervisory personnel in all phases of operation. Inspired by our 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing Autoclave systems, WSF SmartClave® systems can provide the required features for any Autoclave application.

WSF SmartClave Logo

A WSF SmartClave® is also a “Smart” investment. Our time proven and tested Autoclave designs provide years of reliable service. SmartClave® enabled systems are often available at the same or even reduced cost compared to original hard-wired or digital controller based systems. Please consider upgrading or replacing your current system with a new Autoclave system designed, integrated, and manufactured by WSF with SmartClave® technology. Our sales engineers are available to discuss your Autoclave application requirements today.